Monday, July 7, 2008

A brief intermission

Today it is going to be a nice warm day here in Perth, just a brief glimpse of the spring that is months away but I am going to take advantage of what warmth that mother nature gives us. We are going to go to the park and play and watch birds and eat. As I sit here plan our outing though, what I want to wear is probably not the best. I wanted to wear my thongs (aka flip flops) but have not had a pedicure in at least a month so the remnants of the red polish on my toes look like scabs and anyone with toddlers knows that as soon as you pull out the nail polish, they come to investigate and poke and get polish everywhere. My cropped black pants are also out because my poor legs have not been mowed in at least a week. So that is out too. Or I could say who cares and just go Au natural and make no excuses. Probably not.
Well, lunch beckons me to come and make it. Stay tuned for more reports.

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