Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where has the time gone???

I do sooooo apologize for the fact that I have not written in over 3 months. Time has a way of getting away from me sometimes but I think most people are in the same boat that I am in. I have been very busy running Sarah to school which takes 2 hours out of my day now that we have moved and silly me did not want to switch schools in the middle of the year. Maybe I should have re-thunk that if had to do it over but the school year is almost over now so I suppose it is petrol under the bridge.

Other things that have been going on is my baby Rose is walking now. That is taking lots of my time too because I have to watch her closer than ever and make sure she is not getting into trouble. She loves going outside with her older sisters and that means that I have to follow her and make sure she does not muck around with bugs like redbacks, which we seem to have all over the yard even with spraying.

We survived the spring with very little problem with hayfever too. Few sniffles but that is normal for spring in our home.

We also went to the Red Bull Air Race this past weekend which was held her in beautiful Perth and what a great show that was. We have been watching it on tv for the past 3 years and always loved seeing the Perth race. I will tell you it is much better in person. We thought we may not be able to make it though after we had looked forward to it for 2 years. Saturday we got up, ate our brekkie, packed up the car. lunch, drinks, kids, got in the car and realized that we had locked the keys in the house. Well, I did. I thought that Rob had the keys and he only had my car keys and not the house key. ***EXPLETIVE Here***. So called a locksmith and found one that was fairly cheap for an after hours call. $110. But decided to scrap the race for Saturday because it was well after 12 when we got in the house.

Then Sunday we got up and Sarah was complaining of a bad tummy ache and had a mild fever. NOOOOOOO!!!! By 10 am though she was running around playing like nobodies business. So retook her temp and back to normal. Decided we should try it at least but thought that there would be no way we would probably find a good place to park. Packed everything up again in half the time after our dry run the day before, got to CBD by noon. found a place to park about 6 blocks away from the river shoreline where the race was, got there, set up our little spot under a tree and watched a wild show. And for those who like the race and have followed it at all, Hannes Arche won the championship by 1 point but came in third at the race. Now Sarah wants to be pilot. I figure she will change her mind many times before she is 25 but that is the fun part of being a kid.

Also, we are quickly approaching our 1 year anniversary here in Perth and I have not regretted being here at all. I have a few blue days where I miss people at home and certain comfort items like Butterfingers and Tacos but all in all, life here is better. And the kids love it. I think that Sarah is adjusting although she does mention certain items of hers that we had to give away from time to time. That will lessen as time passes and she builds a collection here.

Well, need to run and make sure kids are ok outside. Will write soon, Cheers mi amigos!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My baby is 1

Well, been awhile again since I last posted. Just seems that I have so little time to sit and write like I would like to. Few new things going on around here though so thought I would update a few.

As you know, we have moved to a new home in the northern suburbs of Perth. Little place called Sinagra that is so new that when you tell people they look at you sideways. I love it here. Very close to the bush national forest. We get a beautiful view of the sunrise over our back fence facing the hills and no houses behind us so no obstructed views. I know I keep promising pics but will put some us sometime. The kids love it up here too. They seem to have a new lease on life with all the space in the house and the backyard. We are still renting but closer to buying each passing day.

Rob has a new hobbie, brewing beer. AS anyone that lives in WA will attest, the cost of beer is out of this world, being around $15for a 6 pack of the cheap brew so there are lots of home brewers out there. We just bottled our first lot of a summer beer and it has to rest for a good month til we can break it open but taste very good at the early stage. We have a large vat on the counter of our version of Guiness too that will be bottled in the next few days too. Can't wait to try that one as that is me favorite beer.

My baby girl is no longer a baby anymore. She had her 1st birthday on the 7th and had a blast. Since we were moving we held off on partying until the past weekend and she had a blast. Got right into the present opening and cake eating like a champ. She is still only crawling but has finally began to pull herself up on the furniture. I am kind of dreading her walking but this is inevitable. The latest thing with the others is that Zoe has a very minor case of chicken pox. She only had one vaccine so her immunity was very little and has little pox on the inside of her leg. Now we will see if buby gets them and worst of all, me as I have never had them as I know of. *fingers crossed*
Well, loyal readers, off to make pizza for dinner. The pic of the roos was taken on a evening ride down the back 40. Not really, but it was taken about 5 KM from our house at dusk as we were out riding and enjoying the view on a dirt road. There were abotu 10 of them just crazing and chilling but those 2 posed for us.
Love ya, mean it ...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just passing the time

I feel like I am getting yet another cold. This will be my third one this season. I have chills and muscle aches. I am so over this winter.
To make matters worse, I have a 5 year old that is home on winter break that wants to go and do all the time. I feel very guilty that I do not feel like going places with her. I will try and make it up to her another day though. But not today.
To pass the time while I feel bad, I have started knitting again thanks to a girlfriend of mine here. I have knitted 4 scarves and a shawl. Now my 5 year old wants a beanie to wear on the cold days. I will get started on that today I think seeing as how I really don't feel like going out. Maybe she will be happy seeing me making something for her.
That is all I have to say today. *cough*

Sunday, July 13, 2008


We took the kids yesterday to the Aquarium of Western Australia. What a nice place. I love going to aquariums and have been to quite a few in the states including The Baltimore Aquarium and Chattanooga. This one is small but they have this one tank that is the tunnel tank. I could have stayed in this tank for hours. We actually road the conveyor belt around it 4 times and was there during feeding time. it is a glass tunnel that goes through the tank and there are sharks, stingrays and sea turtles swimming all around you. The kids loved this, including Rose who was fascinated with all the moving creatures. There is a nice little touch tank too for the kids to get soaked in so that would be a nice thing to play at on a warm day.

I would recommend going but it is a bit pricey if you are taking a tribe like us.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ass for gas

You know that gas is high when brothels start handing out gas vouchers.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Nevada brothel is trying to stimulate business by offering free petrol.
Clients of the Shady Lady Ranch will get a $50 (25 pound) petrol voucher if they fork out $300 (152 pounds) -- worth about one hour's worth of services -- at the brothel in Beatty, Nevada, 130 miles (209 km) northwest of Las Vegas.
Owner James Davis said he already has had to order another $1,000 set of petrol vouchers because the first $1,000 were spent in one week.
"It's rocking along. We're doing quite well. June and July historically are not big months," said Davis, who is co-owner of the brothel along with his wife Bobbi, in a telephone interview.
The $50 rebate would roughly cover the cost of a round trip drive from Las Vegas to the ranch.
Davis said business at the ranch, which has been operating for 16 years, generally slows in the early summer. He said the brothel regularly offers specials to lure clients and his wife came up with the petrol vouchers for this month.
U.S. petrol prices hit a record $4.08 a gallon last week, up 38 percent from a year ago.
Brothels, illegal in most U.S. states, are legal in parts of Nevada..
(Reporting by Matthew Robinson, editing by Michelle Nichols and Philip Barbara)

What next, free beer with gas???

Monday, July 7, 2008

A brief intermission

Today it is going to be a nice warm day here in Perth, just a brief glimpse of the spring that is months away but I am going to take advantage of what warmth that mother nature gives us. We are going to go to the park and play and watch birds and eat. As I sit here plan our outing though, what I want to wear is probably not the best. I wanted to wear my thongs (aka flip flops) but have not had a pedicure in at least a month so the remnants of the red polish on my toes look like scabs and anyone with toddlers knows that as soon as you pull out the nail polish, they come to investigate and poke and get polish everywhere. My cropped black pants are also out because my poor legs have not been mowed in at least a week. So that is out too. Or I could say who cares and just go Au natural and make no excuses. Probably not.
Well, lunch beckons me to come and make it. Stay tuned for more reports.