Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No hanky Panky Please

Not that I could ever afford to stay in one but it is nice to know that while I am sitting in economy class, even the elite can't completely let there hair down too. Perth couple first to fly in double bed suite on Singagpore airlines

Friday, October 12, 2007

Walking down memory lane

I had not planned on writing about this but timing would have it that on another blog I read, The Social Primate , and he was talking about going through old things getting ready for his move to Australia. I have been doing just that over the past few days. I have very few of the mixed tapes left that he was talking about because I through those away when I moved from my parents years ago and started buying CD's. Now I am going through the mixed cd's, old photos, yearbooks, old newspapers, etc. Since we are not going to be getting a large sea container, we will be limited to what we will be shipping overseas.

My big thing was journaling. I have kept a journal since I was 8 years old when my mother gave me my first "diary". Remember the little ones that had about 4 lines to write on and had a key so you could "hide" your deepest 4 line thoughts? I soon progressed to spiral notebooks so that is what I have most of. I had about 3 boxes of them. I did not have time to read them all but I went through and read a few highlights here and there. The ones from my school days are very funny. I remember the "pain" in having my heart broken by Ricky in high school when he started dating a girl I worked with at the movie theater that I introduced him too. I tried to end it all by swollowing 5 benedryl. Woke up the next morning with dry eyes and a dry mouth.

Then reading about my college days and graduation. All the trips and friends that I had long forgotten. So much writing. Now it is blogging. But there is still this feeling of comfort in opening a clean notebook, picking up a pen and putting it on the paper so that your soul can bleed out onto paper. Once I am in Australia, I will start back to my journals so that my little ladies can have somethings to read about there dear old mom when they grow up if they want to.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Taking sometime for us

This month has been soo chaotic that hubby and I decided we needed to take a little time for us and just relax. It has amazed me at how tense this move has made us and makes you just fight with anyone or anything. I have talked to others about this and t seems to be pretty normal but it still is hard to understand.

Well, in the past month we have had 2 dates. This is something that is hard to do when you have 3 kids under the age of 5.

First we had a date and went to this wonderful fondue restaurant. I have never been to one so it was a culinary adventure for me. I think my favorite part had to be the yin yang chocolate fondue at the end. I could eat anything with that. I only wish they would have given me pretzels to eat it with. Nom nom nom...
Next, we took a trip to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg VA. We use to get season passes there since it is only 45 minutes for us to go there but the past 2 years, we have not been. I love love love roller coasters but have not been able to ride one in almost 5 years because I have been pregnant everytime we went so this time was a treat. The best one had to be the new one that was built this past year, The Griffon. If you have not seen this beast, you need to go to Youtube and just type it in the search and have a look at it. They claim it is the tallest rollercoaster in the world, which I will not argue with but the part that just freaked me the most was the 90 degree drop on the first leg of the coaster. It is just straight down and it holds you at the top of the drop for what seems to be eternity. I loved it. We also rode many other of the rides, lots of them for the first time for me. I am going to miss this as I don't believe that there are any amusement parks in Perth. But they will come I am sure.
Then last night, I had a mama's night and went to what use to be my monthly ritual for the past 4 years. I went to play Bunco with 12 of my girlfriends. I started playing this game with my neighbors when I moved into the neighborhood and ever since then, you could always find me at one of their houses on the second Monday of every months. It is a great excuse to get together and have some cocktails with 12 wonderful women. I will definitly miss them when I leave. Maybe I will have to start a new group once I am settled and make friends there. I don't think you have to twist too many mom's arms to get them out of the house and have a few glasses of wine.
Well, that is all for now, I smell a poopy diaper. Code Brown. Call the bio hazard trucks.