Sunday, April 27, 2008

What's going on

It has been a busy few weeks since I wrote last. We are in fall, which is still odd for me being it is April and had my daughter's first birthday party here in Oz. She was 5 on the 24th and funny thing was the weather was exactly the same as it is in April in Va. Sunny then showers and cooler at night. Preparing for the birthday party was a helluva lot harder here though than it was in VA. For starters, we only had Saturdays and Thursday nights to shop for all the supplies for the party. That is the trading hours here, Mon thru Friday 8-5 except Thursday when stores are open til 8 and Saturday 8-5. What a JOKE! I think we drove more on Saturday than we have the whole time here because you can not go to just one store and buy all you need. No, no. That would be too easy. So we ran from one shop on one side of town and worked our way to the other end of town. In 9 hours we made 7 stops in about as many suburbs. we finished our grand shopping day at 4:58pm. The only real rant I have tho is we drove about 15 km to go to the Toys R Us and as soon as I walked in the door to run in and grab the toy I wanted to get for Sarah, the power went OUT! We left and planned on running to the mall next to it and the lights were out in the WHOLE DAMN AREA! So we had to fight all this traffic with no stoplights and head all the way back down south to hit our area and try and find some substitutes to her birthday present.

She had a great birthday and played with many of friends. And lucky for me the birthday cake I made with very few tools turned out a success. I am just glad that we have a few months to recover from the birthday party til the next one in August. This one will be simpler and hopefully I will have a car by then so that I can run errands during the week.

Tomorrow Sarah ends her long 2 week "fall" break and heads back to school. And I survived!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why I never became a journalist

Journalism is not a glamours job. This is why I never wanted to be a journalist. But it sure makes for a good laugh. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh Lord won't you buy me ...

I am having a very whingie day today. Actually for the past few weeks I have been feeling blue. I am not really homesick but just feel sad. I can not quiet put my finger on the feeling I have. It is this empty dark feeling in my heart. I try and keep a smile on my face for everyone around me but it can be hard somedays to do that.
We have been here for almost 5 months and still we are setting up house. I am having some serious sticker shock at the price of getting all the little things in our house that I took for granted in the past. Little things that I miss like a cheese grater, cookie sheets, cake pans (and I had lots of cake pans), my KA mixer, skillets of various sizes, a cd player and radio, etc. The thing I miss the most is a car though. I have been a very independant and mobile person since I was 16. I have driven thousands of miles by meyself and never thought twice about it. Now, it is a challenge to go anywhere. Not having a car here in Perth is like missing your leg. And also using city transit with 3 kids under 5 is nearly impossible. I am sure it IS possible but I have not been brave enough to attempt it. Getting a double stroller on a bus is got to be a feat in itself. So now that Sarah is on her fall/spring break, we have very little to do except sit here at home and I try to think of crafts to entertain her and her sisters for t he next two weeks. This pisses me off like you would not believe! It pisses me off that I can not go to the library or to the craft store with them. It pisses me off that we can't go to the beach on the pretty days. It pisses me off to be so dependent on others to take me places (which others mainly means my hubby when he gets home from work). It pisses me off that shops close at 5!!! Am I homesick? No. I am just sick of BEING AT HOME!!! Oh Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz... Hell, a moped at this point would be nice.
Enough whinging.