Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mele Kalikimaka

Ok, so I am not sure if I am going to get that wonderful Christmas feeling this year like I do at home. I look at the photos on tv of the blizzard that hit the east coast of the US and then it looks like Christmas but here, it just loses something in translation. I know it is all a matter of perceptions but even the Aussies have images of snowflakes and Santa in a fuzzy red suit around. But when it is 95 degrees outside, I just feel like bbq'ing and drinking beer at the beach. Hey wait, that is what they do on Christmas too. Maybe this IS the way you are supposed to feel at Christmas in Australia. I was talking to a local that spent a year in China and she said it was very weird to have a cold Christmas, it just didn't "feel" like Christmas to her. Perception people. Now my kids will have fond memories of building sand castles and swimming on Christmas day. Even my 4 year old told Santa she wanted a beach ball and a bucket for Christmas. Now she has the spirit!
Merry Christmas or Mele Kalikimaka! (That is for you Preston)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Sky is Falling!!!

Well, maybe not chicken little but a damn good reason to grab some red and cheese and hit the lawn tonight! Oh yeah, and mozzie spray.

Friday December 14, 04:32 PM
Meteor shower to light up Aussie skies

A meteor shower is expected to turn the skies above Australia into a celestial light show overnight.
The shower, known as the Geminids because it appears to come from the constellation of Gemini, happens in December every year and can be seen from anywhere in the world.
Sydney Observatory curator of astronomy Nick Lomb said conditions were good for Australians to view the shower this year, with no moon expected to be visible.
He said the show was expected to start at about 11pm (AEDT), with the peak coming just before dawn at about 3.45am (AEDT) on Saturday.
"It will look like streaks of light, like whitish flares," Dr Lomb said.
"It could be quite spectacular."
A meteor shower is caused when the earth runs into a stream of dust and ice left by a comet orbiting the sun.
The Geminids shower is caused by the earth running into a stream of material from a chunk of rock known as 3200 Phaeton, which astronomers believe could be the remnants of a dead comet.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A beautiful weekend in WA

This was our first real weekend to go and see and do. And we did do alot.

First on Saturday, we made the trek upto Whiteman Park. This park is not like any other parks I have seen before. There was sooo much to do that we were only able to see the Animal park. What a treat that was. Of course the kids (and me) loved all the one on one contact with the creatures like roos, wallabies, quokkas and the koala bears. One of the funniest animals there was Tommy, the 40 year old donkey that loves to catch little pellets of food in his mouth like our german shepherd would do with popcorn. Got some great pics of his big mouth wide open to catch these yummy little morsels of goodness. We wanted to go to the Christmas parade Saturday night but after all the sun, animals and oh yes, FLIES, the kids were worn out and crashed at 7:30. Maybe next year.

On Sunday, it was time to journey to the great Swan Valley and hit some fine vineyards. I drank way too much of the great wines but man they werer good. Sarah and Zoe made some new friends at one vineyard and Sarah got to play cricket for the first time. I made some friends with the people that own the Tiki Bar in downtown Perth and we have been invited there to partake in some tropical drinks that you drink out of coconut shells with little umberellas on them one night when we get a sitter.
All and all, Perth is a great place for kids and adults and I can't wait to see more of this place.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New house Part Deux

The Aussie Gods are being very good to us. We found a house on Saturday and it is very close to where we are staying now. It is a 3x1 and has a garage too. The nicest thing is that it is right beside a park so the kids are really excited about that. The weirdest thing is that the backyard is all brick and concrete and roses. Lots of roses. Like 100 bushes. I don't quite get the whole brick yard thing but I guess it keeps you from having to worry about cutting the grass. We move in in 2 weeks and I can't wait to set up house.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Been a bit since I posted but we are FINALLY here. And I love it. Maybe I am just in the honeymoon stage but so far the weather, the food and the people have been great. We are staying with friends but found a house to move into in Stirling in 2 weeks. I had my first trip to downtown and Freo and loved it. Funny thing is that we have a friend in Freo that my hubby has met but I have not had the pleasure of meeting. We tried to get ahold of her when we went there but when we went to get on the train to leave and go back to where we arstaying, low and behold, who was on the train? Fate? Who knows but I know I was extatic to meet her and it was like I met someone that I have known for many years.
The kids are doing well. We flew on Emirates Airline and I would highly recomend them to anyone flying from the east coast of the US. The staff was friendly, there is lots of leg room and the food was great. Plus the fleight attendants are very friendly and love taking care of the kids. It took us 28 hours and when we landed in Perth at 2 am, the staff that was working gladly helped us and ribbed us about the luggage. One man in particular joked me and asked me if we were here for 2 weeks. HAHAHA. We had 9 suitcases, 5 carry ons and 3 kids. I was so relieved. This week we have to go to immigration and get our visas officially stamped.
All and all, it has been a long time coming but damnit, WE ARE HERE!!!