Friday, August 22, 2008

My baby is 1

Well, been awhile again since I last posted. Just seems that I have so little time to sit and write like I would like to. Few new things going on around here though so thought I would update a few.

As you know, we have moved to a new home in the northern suburbs of Perth. Little place called Sinagra that is so new that when you tell people they look at you sideways. I love it here. Very close to the bush national forest. We get a beautiful view of the sunrise over our back fence facing the hills and no houses behind us so no obstructed views. I know I keep promising pics but will put some us sometime. The kids love it up here too. They seem to have a new lease on life with all the space in the house and the backyard. We are still renting but closer to buying each passing day.

Rob has a new hobbie, brewing beer. AS anyone that lives in WA will attest, the cost of beer is out of this world, being around $15for a 6 pack of the cheap brew so there are lots of home brewers out there. We just bottled our first lot of a summer beer and it has to rest for a good month til we can break it open but taste very good at the early stage. We have a large vat on the counter of our version of Guiness too that will be bottled in the next few days too. Can't wait to try that one as that is me favorite beer.

My baby girl is no longer a baby anymore. She had her 1st birthday on the 7th and had a blast. Since we were moving we held off on partying until the past weekend and she had a blast. Got right into the present opening and cake eating like a champ. She is still only crawling but has finally began to pull herself up on the furniture. I am kind of dreading her walking but this is inevitable. The latest thing with the others is that Zoe has a very minor case of chicken pox. She only had one vaccine so her immunity was very little and has little pox on the inside of her leg. Now we will see if buby gets them and worst of all, me as I have never had them as I know of. *fingers crossed*
Well, loyal readers, off to make pizza for dinner. The pic of the roos was taken on a evening ride down the back 40. Not really, but it was taken about 5 KM from our house at dusk as we were out riding and enjoying the view on a dirt road. There were abotu 10 of them just crazing and chilling but those 2 posed for us.
Love ya, mean it ...

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The Prof said...

Congrats on your baby reaching 1, and I just love that picture of the roos!